Wireless System Design


Wireless systems. The great “voodoo” in the audio world. At least that is what most companies will have you believe. Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

  1. “Well, you never know what is in the air....”

  2. “That military base is giving us all kinds of trouble...”

  3. “Those A/V guys must have put something out”

  4. “I gave the A/V company our frequencies, it’s their job to make their stuff works with ours”

  5. “Must be TV interference”

If so, then you are using the wrong company. Most companies and engineers simply do not understand the importance of detailed wireless design. 90% of wireless problems are a result of bad frequency selection within the companies own wireless system. Most organizations just don’t understand that it is more involved than have microphones on different frequencies. With good design, most wireless problems can be eliminated.

Hartshorn Enterprises believes in thorough communication with other companies and can work in a variety of situations on the job site. We work with house A/V companies to find wireless systems that will not cause interference for anyone. We use software that we have written ourselves to help us keep track of wireless frequencies and conflicts. We scan the airwaves to check for frequencies in the area. And we keep up-to-date on local television stations in the area. Hartshorn Enterprises regularly works with system that include over 200 wireless frequencies in a close proximity, and we pride ourselves in having fewer problems than most companies have with only 16 channels of wireless. This is the result of strong communication, solid understanding of wireless products, and respect for the physics and technology that governs their use. Hartshorn Enterprises can give you the design and on-site support to make sure that your wireless needs are fully met and working through-out your production.